Nuestros cursos

Renaco's Courses allow to learn the innovative concept of the integrated phytotherapy, obtained after years of study and research within the field of immunology. Renaco has developed a whole of techniques, if combined with its range of products, being able to communicate with messengers of the immune system by modulating, stimulating and carrying it so to apply this methodology in all fields starting from the traditional medicine to the allopathic medicine. Renaco has always considered essential to support research and development with an efficacious activity of training courses addressed to physicians, naturopaths, osteopaths, herbalists.  Together with the Academy of Consecutive Biological  Medicine, Renaco is proposing an integrated instructive route including applications and techniques of Consecutive Biological Medicine, Consecutive Biological Kinesiology and Consecutive Biological Osteopathy with the aim to provide useful diagnostic tools for a complete holistic vision of the patient. Teaching staff of those techniques are valuable and prepared professionals, from whom to learn new instruments in order to obtain an optimum wellness and health status of the treated patient.

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