Renaco the tree of soul


Renaco the tree of soul

Renaco is a typical tree of the tropical forest, widespread throughout the Amazon.

Its main feature is the ability to bring down from its branches, also 100-150 meters long, aerial roots that descend to the ground. Once arrived to the ground take root and slowly, with the passage of time, give rise to a new trunk. In this way, various trees originate from a single trunk and them that end up with a forest in the forest. At the center is the oldest and largest tree, practically surrounded by a tangle of aerial roots that become a maze.

For this feature, in the ancient legends of the Amazon peoples, they attributed to the tree and primeval forces in life: there was the belief that dwelt spiritual entities between her intricate aerial roots.

Renaco is the brand of our company because it symbolizes the vocation, that sense of a primitive and positive energy earth-bound and given to men.