Our botanical extracts


Our botanical extracts

A “green” calling, in the most profound meaning of the word

The Renaco supplements, proposed by R.I. Group, are based on herbal medicines which represent a real patrimony of all mankind. One of the first concern to take into account before picking the raw parts of these herbs or plants is to preserve restore the mother-plants, fully in respect of both traditions (handed down to us from the most ancient populations of the world) and the ecological habitat where they live.

R.I. Group began the search of these plants and herbs in the Amazon Forest, climbing then on the top of the Andes, moving after along to the sharp profiles of the Himalayas. Today R.I. Group is exploring virgin territories in Vietnam, India and Africa with the same philosophy: it is really building up a very accurate map of locations in the world for mother-herbs, medicinal plants, mushrooms, curative potatoes, fruits, roots, which arise spontaneously or are growing in the last natural areas of the earth. Some examples are: Sangre de drago, Ampelopsis, Boswellia serrata, Phyllanthus amarus, Maca, Uncaria tomentosa, Linfa di Copaiba, Camu-Camu.

All these locations have long traditions for medicinal plants, transmitted from one generation to another, and these remedies can be seen as a very important natural complement to the modern western pharmacopoeia. Starting from the local knowledge of them, we are able to suggest innovative formulations which can be developed in cooperation with the indigenous groups we are working with, to value and check these preparations, putting together a product documentation service and giving advices on the intake of the remedies.