The research


The research

Food supplements and medicinal remedies with a high concentration of plant extracts are mixed according to ancient traditions but more effective and safe thanks to our scientific research, where innovation and up-date technology are the strengthen points that we offer as a warranty for production. Our diligence in innovation is reflected by constant investments in technology. With the aid of a concentrator for active ingredients, our laboratory is able to raise the standardization rate of some raw material components: this is an essential device to enhance the effectiveness of products and ensure the respect of the pre-set criteria of purity.

Our factory got the proper authorization by the Italian Ministry of Health (an absolute requirement provided by Italian laws) and our control systems for production are in compliance with the hygiene and food safety requirements (HACCP, DL 155/07 and 852/04), according to the European guidelines.

R.I. Group avails of the GMP certification and quality standards offering this way safety and quality both to customers and to consumers of our products.

Next advancements will move towards collaboration with physicians specialized in consecutive energy therapy. Our business moves towards a new world, because we want to test the connection between phytotherapic supplements and the equilibrium of the P.N.E.I. balance: in so doing we face the actual missing link between homeopathy and phytotherapy.