How is made


How is made

We can identify 3 main steps before the launch of a Renaco product.

Phase 1: Formulation.
The original plants, used as extract with high concentrations are the key component of the Renaco branded herbal products. They are formulated by the R&D Team inside R.I. Group by selecting the ancient recipes that have proven most effective results under the screen of science. These formulations were often handed down orally among the indigenous populations, and they are now collected and re-proposed with the supervision of elders and shamans, always under a careful scientific evaluation.

Phase 2: The Pilot Plant.
After the formulas definition the R&D Team is engaged in performing the study for the pilot project, which provides for method codifications in order to control raw materials, production processes and physical-chemical and microbiological parameters. During the delicate phase of the therapeutic product preparation, R.I. Group works with the help and cooperation of the Universities of Turin, Ferrara and Rome for further analyses. The formulas proposed by our research laboratory are submitted to clinical studies for validation and then the results are published in international journals and tested by reliable and renowned scientific institutions.

Phase 3: Product tests/Experimentation.
Thereinafter the R&D Team of R.I. Group tests all the results and can suggest or not any modification to better the recipes, if it is the case. All steps in the production of phytotherapic formulations of R.I. Group are in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines, in order to ensure the highest quality standards.