The Group


The group

The brand Renaco was founded in 1996, with the aim to enrich Italian patrimony with unknown plants and herbs widely used in traditional medicine among people living in unpolluted places, like the Amazon forest. Over the years our search of other virgin locations in the entire world, with huge experience on natural remedies, allowed us to include new areas where to pick original raw materials: thanks to that complex and delicate work we could test in Italy the beneficial properties of extracts and plant products as Monascus purpureus and Rhodiola rosea.

In 2011 the brand Renaco was taken over by R.I. Group: the company fits a new organization by adding a new group of physicians, chemists and researchers, all very united by the same passion, sharing the company’s mission, being able to gather their human and technical resources and develop the whole business.

During the latest 15-20 years of experience Renaco has improved its position on the market, broadened its own horizons with a modern innovative spirit, fostered by a great passion, thoughtful research, besides the implementation of some strategic partnerships. Inside R.I. Group and because of it, the brand Renaco got a definite improvement towards the natural high quality products: it has become a reliable leader in promoting the idea of the large-scale “naturally healthy” project, marking the way for accessible prospects of taking care of your body and mind, using the amazing natural resources of the planet.