Forest Medicine: a resource to discover

Each species of plants shares many phytochemicals with all or most other higher plants, and they share with us all the chemicals necessary to sustain life……



Respect for indigenous traditions and natural environments in which the medicinal plants live is the basis of the modus operandi philosophy of R.I. Group….

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Acid-base balance

Whenever stress is affecting our system, an external support might be useful to return to the acid-base balance.

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Sabato 28 Maggio 2016

Alimentazione e stili di vita: aspetti non solo nutrizionali.Evento accreditato ECM per tutte le figure professionali sanitarie. Libera partecipazione senza ECM per tutte le altre figure professionali che operano nell'ambito del benessere…


Renaco the tree of soul

Renaco is a typical tree of the tropical forest, widespread throughout the Amazon.
Its main feature is the ability to bring down from its branches, also 100-150 meters long, aerial roots that descend to the ground. Once arrived to the ground take root and slowly, with the passage of time, give rise to a new trunk…